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      Welcome to the official website of Foshan Nanhai Stephen Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd.!

      Professional aluminum veneer manufacturer

      15 yearsof focus on aluminum veneer


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      Curtain Wall Surface Aluminum Veneer Ceiling Aluminum Grid Grid Stainless Steel Plate Studded Ceiling

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      support hotline


      Stephen brand: aluminum plate substrate with new environmentally friendly aluminum, high strength and wind pressure resistance, coating adhesion is super strong

      Stephen use: high-quality fluorocarbon coatings of well-known brands such as PPG and Aksu in the United States are guaranteed, and do not change color for 30 years.

      Stephen brand: aluminum veneer spray film thick layer standard is ≥35um more wear resistant

      Stephen aluminum veneer accessories: GB aluminum ribs, aluminum corners, aluminum rivets, never rust

      Ordinary aluminum veneer: aluminum plate substrate uses secondary recovery of molten aluminum, the strength is general, contains more impurities, the adhesion of the coating is generally

      Ordinary aluminum veneer: using polyester paint to counterfeit and inferiorfluorocarbon, can not provide quality assurance, 2 years of discoloration

      Ordinary aluminum veneer: aluminum veneer spray film thick layer standard ≤ 20um, easy to scratch aluminum substrate

      Ordinary aluminum veneer: in order to save cost, aluminum veneer accessories are iron ribs, easy to rust, poor fit, and severe noise in the rainy season.

      CNC production equipment such as CNC bending machine and CNC engraving machine

      Customized products can be delivered in 7 days,and customers are not worried about the delivery date and affect other work.

      Made of high-quality aluminum plate base material, the bend will not burst, the quality is more secure

      More than 10 years old employees, experienced production team

      Professional curtain wall engineer can provide on-site technical guidance construction service

      One-on-one service for sales personnel, special services such as swatches, drawings, contracts, orders, after-sales, etc.

      After-sales service specialist, providing technical services such as cleaning, daily maintenance and other maintenance of curtain wall aluminum veneer

      15 yearsFocus on one thing, research and development of aluminum veneer production process, aluminum curtain wall construction technology

      Professional sales team, providing technical guidance

      Have a professional design team, installation team, tailored to the actual needs of the project

      Create an Internet direct marketing model, eliminate the layered price increase of the intermediate agent, and achieve the first-hand source of genuine factory direct sales.

      .Stephen is a large-scale engineering and enterprise unit cooperation aluminum curtain wall plate supplier

      Stephen cooperates with large logistics companies, direct delivery to the site, the product is not easy to damage, freight reduction, provinces

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      Nanhai Stephen Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a large-scale building materials enterprise with a modern workshop covering an area of nearly 30,000 square meters. Equipped with several sets of numerical control equipment and Japan "Lanshi" automatic fluorocarbon spray production line,

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